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So there we were, on a hillside, and people needed to eat…

OK, not really.  But, we played Sunday evening at Iowa State for their annual back-to-school cookout, where they have free food from a local BBQ place.  Last year they had about 250-300 people at the event with food only, and this year they had blue sky nine in addition to the cookout.  They did a great job of building buzz for the event through Facebook, flyers, signage, and a ’search and hustle’ operation (going through the dorms knocking on doors) to let students know about it.

The BBQ place said they fed 500 people at the event (and had to turn a few away).  We know that many of those people stuck around as we played, which means they heard about CRU on campus and how they can find out more about what a relationship with God can look like by checking them out.

So, there was great weather (we were playing outside in a quad area), great food, and a great band. (Sure, we’re modest). But everything went off without a hitch.

It was a huge strategic ‘win’ for their ministry; they have probably 350 or so new contacts to follow up with, most of which are new freshman. They believe that having blue sky nine there added greatly to the draw of the event; more people came, and they stayed and heard about CRU long after the food.

We made some new friends on the campus staff for Iowa State, and now they know how to use us to help accelerate their movement.  And now we know where to get a good sandwich…



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