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Yes, I did just quote ‘Men at Work’ from 1983…

And that’s because Young Isaac, the band I worked with for Keynote’s Summer Project, is currently on tour in Sydney, Australia. They finish their last show today and then begin the trek back home at the end of this week.

They have played gigs mostly in high schools. It’s winter there, so they are playing for high school students during the day – during class time. Evidently, the Australian school system has some sort of religious education requirement in their curriculum. Because of that, it is completely fine for our little band to go in there, play a houserocking show, and then share how their lives have been changed by their relationships with Christ.

It is also completely OK for them to explain how they can begin a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and invite them to do that.

So far, from what I have counted from the band’s updates, around 180 students have done that. 180 students have decided to begin a relationship with God as an immediate result of Young Isaac’s ministry.

The other Summer Project bands are on tour here in the states and are seeing similar results. It was a great privilege for me to be in charge of getting them ready as a band (musically), to give one-on-one discipleship to some of the guys, and to be part of the team that got them ready as communicators to effectively share the gospel.

It’s just plain fun to see the results of our work so quickly. Who knows how many more people will be reached, but it’s exciting to see what they’ve done. Will get a post-tour update on here soon after all the bands get back in from the road…



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